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Welcome to Majik Consulting

Welcome to Majik Consulting; home to the Majik Group of businesses.

We can provide a variety of solutions for you; web site, business communications and marketing media design and publishing; professional photography and retail & corporate art; and IT Consulting services.


Provision of consulting services to a wide variety of businesses and industries, across:

  • Program / Project Management
  • Testing Methodologies and Frameworks
  • Software and Telecommunications Test Consulting
  • Quality Assurance

Consultancy is a key part of Majik Consulting's mission in providing an integrated service, which is supported by people who specialise in IT.  Evidence suggests that an organisation's chance of successfully using technology to maximum benefits is considerably enhanced if its project teams have ready access to knowledgeable consultancy support. 

Majik Consulting supports all aspects of information technology planning, systems development and delivery.  Our consultants are happy to manage a complete program / project or work as part of a team with the client, we have worked in both capacities.

Range of Services and Specialisations:

We place great emphasis on understanding your business, analysing risks and identifying your specific business needs.  Clients are kept informed of progress, and immediately alerted to problem areas.  The complexity and risk inherent in today's business environment poses threats and also opportunities.  Throughout our business relations, we aim to identify and understand your needs, and to ensure that you are aware of the range of services we can provide to help in maximising opportunities and assessing risks.
Independent management consultants can bring new skills and techniques to an organisation, save time and reduce the workload on existing key executives.  This provides a completely objective appraisal of a problem, program, or project, based on outside experience. 
Clients receive cost effective assistance and gain a competitive edge in managing and operating their business through MC's support.  We listen to client needs and provide help to weigh up the risks of business against the controls needed to ensure its ongoing success.

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